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Perhaps you are already doing business in Mexico. A local source could not only cure some headaches for you, but save you large amounts of money.

Sorting of Materials & Rework of Defective Components.
Our services of visual inspection and/or rework provide you with a low-cost alternative. We will identify, segregate, and rework non-conforming material. Our objective is to maintain the production lines running by providing you with first-class inspection/rework services to be performed at the customer´s assembly plant or at our facilities in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Grupo SION can have your product warehoused close to the assembly plant, and then delivered on just-in-time basis to eliminate inventory and storage issues for your client.

Warehousing & Just in Time Delivery

  • US / Mexican brokerage fees.
  • Transportation of materials from El Paso, TX to Grupo SION facilities.
  • Warehousing of material.
  • Material Inventory System.
  • Delivery of material based on JIT.
  • Full insurance coverage.
  • ASN, DDL, & IBM e-mail capabilities.
  • ASN information faxed to the customer.
  • 24 hours delivery system.

Liaison & Technical Representation.

Grupo SION offers on-site technical representation at your customer’s facilities in Chihuahua, MX. This service provides your company with an immediate decision maker at your customer’s assembly plant. Visits can be made daily, weekly, or a technical representative can be placed at the location full-time.

Because Grupo SION represents a variety of suppliers at different manufacturing facilities, we offer excellent service at a reasonable price. Remember, on-site representation is not an option, it is a commitment to your customers and their requirements.

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