The rapidly emerging global economy raises a multitude of issues for businesses both large and small. It creates all sorts of opportunities for businesses to increase their revenues, drive down their costs, and boost their productivity and profits. For these reasons, we believe that the initial step to globalization is the foreign direct investment (FDI) under the Maquila process. We are certain that by joining Grupo SION and investing in Mexico, your company will achieve your production requirements at a lower cost, with a higher quality, delivery reliability, and an increased production flexibility.

Make this investment opportunity a reality and see for yourself the great benefits of globalization and FDI.

We welcome your interest in Grupo SION and we are ready to answer all questions you may have. Please, feel free to contact us today.

Jesus Manuel Palma Financial

Carlos Antonio Zarate General

Miguel Angel Lugo Materials

Corporate Offices:
Complejo Industrial Chihuahua
William Shakespeare No. 1-A
Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Mexico 31109

E-mail Correspondence:
Ph. (52) 614-481-4666
Ph. (52) 614-481-3958 Fax (52) 614-481-1220

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